Hi, I'm Hannah

I'm a PhD student advised by Dr. Leo (Zhicheng) Liu and Dr. Leilani Battle in the Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. My research lies at the intersection of Data visualization, Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction where I take a human-centered approach to designing visualization authoring tools.
I graduated from Stevens institute of Technology where I earned my Masters in Software engineering in May 2019. During my masters studies, I worked with the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) where I developed an online data management system for the WWD. Prior to starting my graduate school journey, I completed my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems from Babcock University in Ogun Nigeria.


My research conviction is that data analysis tools should be accessible to everyone interested, regardless of their technical background and experience. I believe human-centered tools that prioritize learning as much as performance and efficiency, will allow a more diverse set of users scale the barriers of entry that limit them from effectively analyzing data. This motivates my research on the design and development of scalable visualization systems.

Contact Me

Hannah K. Bako
8125 Paint Branch Dr
College Park, MD 20742
E: hbako-at-umd.edu



Collaborators: Alisha Varma, Anu Faboro, Mahreen Haider, Favour Nerrise, Leilani Battle

Augmenting visualization authoring in D3 using predictions of user behaiviour; providing D3 templates to achieve user goals through code genration & augmentation.

Measuring Creativity During Visual Exploration

Collaborators: Alisha Varma, Leilani Battle

Investigate potential relationships between creativity and the insight generation process that unfolds during exploratory visual analysis

Understanding the Role of examples in Visualization design

Collaborators: Xinyi Liu, Leo Liu, Leilani Battle

Understand the current practices of visualization designers when utilizing examples to formulate design ideas

Professional Experience

Industry Experience
Apple Inc.
Design & Visualization Intern

Collaborate with broader teams across Apple to research and develop innovative ML strategies for challenging problems that will affect future Apple products
Mentor: Donghao Ren

Summer 2021
Systems Engineering Research Center
Graduate Assistant

Developed a web-based data collection and processing tool for the World Wide Directory, a public a resource for the industrial and systems engineering community as a joint effort of the SERC and INCOSE council.

Sep 2017 - May 2019
Nhub Nigeria
Android UX Developer

Involved in the implementation of scalable software systems for clients. Collaborated with domain experts to research, design and implement applications that solve real-world problems

Jan - Jul 2017
Teaching Experience
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
Teaching Assistant

Teach students core CS content related to courses. Manage projects on various programming and data science concepts e.g Hadoop and statistical analysis.

  • CMSC 433 - Programming Languages and Paradigms
  • CMSC 320 - Introduction to Data Science

Aug 2019 - Present


Workshop Papers
SBP-BRiMS 2021
Tweets and Social Network Data for Twitter Bot Analysis

Jennifer Golbeck, Niloofarsadat Alavi, Hannah K. Bako, Saptarashmi Bandyopadhyay, Calvin Bao, Matthew Barzola, Corie Brown, Kristen M. Byers, Melissa Carraway, Keaunna Cleveland, Brandon Y. Feng, Shayna Foote, Petra Galuscakova, Auguste H. Gezalyan, Rajesh Kumar Gnanasekaran, Saeed Hadadan, SeyyedPooya HekmatiAthar, Jeffrey W Henrikson, Karan D Kaur, Nikita Khatri, Nitzan Koren, Anna Lenhart, Ruiqi Li, Yannan Liu, Jennifer MacDonald, Sean McWillie, Gloria Nzeka, Neviya Prakash, Joanna Purich, Robin Reiss, Aayushi Roy, David Rudd, Anup Sathya, Nicole R. Schneider, Hilary Szu Yin Shiue, Astha Singhal, John Sutton, Gabrielle Trilling, Amulya Velamakanni, Jacob Walter, Tory White, Gareth Thomas Williams, Zachary Wilton, Peratham Wiriyathammabhum, Mischa Wolfinger, Arthur Wu, and Rachael Zehrung